Saturday, February 18, 2017

Followup AL: No Charges for Man who Shot Isaiah Johnson

The man who shot and killed a Wenonah High School student during a gun deal in downtown Birmingham won't be charged with any crime.

However, a friend of the teen who was killed is charged with his murder, authorities announced today.
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ExpatNJ said...

Your article link is from 02/16/2017

Here is a follow-up article on the same story from 02/18/2017:

"Not everyone agrees with decision. Community activist Frank Matthews of 'Outcast Voter's League' penned an open letter to Jefferson County [Alabama] DA Pro Tem Danny Carr. Matthews questioned why the man can't be charged. "We don't know what the law gives you the ability to do, but we beg you to do more. Most importantly, who can we join in lobbying so that laws are clearer in getting gun dealers off of our streets"." [quote abridged]

Anonymous said...

Well let us start an action to close all furniture stores. People have been severely injured by being struck with a chair. let us find out what Mathews does for a living and close down that business. a legally licensed business enterprise is not subject to the opinions of the few. If someone gets killed with a tire iron are we supposed to close down all car sales lots or all mechanics shops? Mathews seems to think that if someone drops a bowling ball on your foot we should close down all bowling allies. Maybe Mathews is a stamp collector. the mail has been used to commit crimes so lets out law stamps. maybe after we out law stamps we can send Mathews to prison for five years for every page of stamps he has collected. I cant believe people this ignorant are allowed to walk our streets. According to federal law if you sell more than six guns a year you are considered to be trafficking in fire arms and are required to get a license to be a dealer and must have a license. You have to be an upstanding citizen to get that license. could Mathews qualify for the license?

Anonymous said...

To answer the question of Mathews. the reason the man can not be charged is because he was defending himself under the provisions of the constitutionally guaranteed right of self defense. We might point out the age of the teen is not in question the actions are what got him killed and according to the written laws a death that occurs in the commission of a felony can be charged to the accomplices in the commission of that felony. some one robs a bank and one of the bank robbers kills a teller even the get away car driver can be charged with the death of that teller and the driver never entered the bank. Teens make bad choice and sometimes they die. I had an M-16 in my hands at age 19 with a pocket full of hand grenades, access to Claymore mines and various other very dangerous weapons and explosives and I was not old enough to buy or drink a beer. Mathews should go suck his thumb.