Friday, February 10, 2017

Constitutional Carry Bill in Kentucky Pulled from Consideration

SB 7 is the Constitutional/Permitless carry bill in the Kentucky legislature for 2017.  It was moved to the Senate Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection committee.  The NRA-ILA is reporting that the bill has been removed from Senate consideration. 
Unfortunately, the constitutional/permitless carry legislation, Senate Bill 7, has been pulled from consideration in the Kentucky Senate.
SB 7, as with all modern Constitutional carry bills, leaves the permit system in place.  People who value the permit for state to state reciprocity, or as an alternate to NICS checks, will be able to use it for those purposes. Kentucky is one of 25 states where the carry permit can be used as an alternate to NICS.

It is not clear why the bill is not being presented to the Senate for a vote. The bill has bi-partisan support and sponsorship by the Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer (R). 

On, a Second Amendment activist who has been intimately involved in the situation, with the screen name of Gutshot, gives this explanation:
Well, I can assure you that it wasn't Senator Robinson's preference, but the bare facts are that the leadership counted and decided that the votes weren't there and they didn't want to call for a vote and lose. Why weren't the votes there? Who knows? Politicians vote what they think is best for themselves. Somehow, they decided it was better for them to not vote for this and they decided the best thing was to not vote for it or against it, so that's what they did.
The Kentucky Senate consists of 11 Democrats and 27 Republicans. That ratio is the same as in 2015.

The Kentucky House consists of 36 Democrats and 64 Republicans, a dramatic reversal from 2015, where the House had 53 Democrats and 46 Republicans.

The Kentucky Governor is Matt Bevin.

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