Friday, May 12, 2017

.223 Used to Rescue Relatives Next Door, two Invaders Shot, 1 Killed

On 9 May, 2017, a Houston family underwent a home invasion nightmare. Sometime in the early morning hours, twin 19 year old brothers woke to their parents screaming while being beat and held hostage by four armed home invaders. The stories do not say exactly what the four invaders were armed with. At least one had a pistol, because the father and the twins were "pistol whipped". The mother and 10 year old sister were held hostage.  The robbers demanded jewelry and money. From
HOUSTON – A man came to the rescue when his relatives next door were tied up and assaulted during a home invasion in northeast Houston overnight.

Houston Police Department officers responded around 4 a.m. Tuesday to a call of a burglary in progress at a home in the 3700 block of Crandon Street.

“They had my little sister at gunpoint, so we couldn’t do anything,” said 19-year old Rene Garcia.

He and his twin brother tried to lock themselves inside their bedroom when they heard their mom and dad screaming and struggling. At least one gunman threatened to shoot a family member if Rene and his brother didn’t open their bedroom door, Garcia said.
The uncle, who lives next door, heard the screaming and came to the rescue. Some accounts say that the Uncle came across an invader beating a family member in the back yard; another says that the Uncle broke into the house and shot the invaders. The presence of three .223 steel casings in the driveway indicates shots were fired before the Uncle entered the house, if he did.

We do not have information about what model of gun the Uncle used. The pictures of the casings are indicative it was a .223 semi-auto.

Until more details are revealed, it will not be clear that a .223 semi-auto was used to rescue his family from the home invaders.

One of the reasons that instances of defensive uses of semi-auto rifles are not documented more often is that reporters are ignorant of firearm models and calibers.

Numerous reporters were on the scene. They took excellent photographs of the shell casings.

Several stories have been published about the incident. Not one mentions the caliber of casings seen in the pictures.

Crime Scene Markers of Shell Casings in the Driveway
It matters because those who want a disarmed population claim that .223 semi-auto rifles are never used for defensive purposes, or are not suitable to be used for those purposes. It is likely that the firearm associated with the casings shown above would be banned by the Maryland law at issue in the 4th Circuit Kolbe v. Hogan decision.  From
In Kolbe, the 10-judge majority concludes that the guns and magazines covered by Maryland's ban are "dangerous and unusual" because they are "exceptionally lethal weapons of war" that are not appropriate for civilian use: "We are convinced that the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are among those arms that are 'like' 'M-16 rifles'—'weapons that are most useful in military service'—which the Heller Court singled out as being beyond the Second Amendment's reach."
Heller did nothing of the sort. But that did not stop the 4th Circuit from concocting the lie.

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Notalima said...

Maybe something neat like a PAP M85 or Polish Beryl Archer ;) For the "I don't want an AR" uncle next door, heh.

Anonymous said...

I used an M-16 to convince an air force dentist to stop working on my teeth the ass hole was just practicing I did not need the work done, he did root canals on perfectly good teeth, his work was exceptionally poor so I gave the SOB his choice order me into his chair one more time and get cut in half or let me go back to my unit. he never worked on me again. I let him see me load a full magazine and switch it to full auto and pointed it right between his feet. one pull of the trigger and no more dentist. the ass hole was a butcher.

Anonymous said...

Just a little more information on that air force dentist. He walked the chow line and made appointments. the first visit I told him I did not want any work done. This is exactly what he told me. He said I'm a captain you are a corporal I have six years to do to fulfil my air Force commitment. I'm going to get all of the practice on all you ignorant bastards that got drafted that I can. If you fail to show up for your appointments I'll have the MPs come and get you and hold you down if necessary while I do any thing I damn well please. I am going to have a great civilian practice.
He worked on me two times a week. I told him the pain killer was wearing off he said I'll be finished in five or ten minutes you can bear it. I have to make what I have last. He totally ruined my teeth. He pulled one tooth completely out and then put it back in, fiber glassed it to my jaw bone and then made a crown for it. he said ops you have to have 20 teeth to stay in a combat zone. I had 28 teeth when I went to Vietnam. when I had to have that tooth he put back removed by a civilian dentist the fiber glass did not show up on X-ray and he broke my jaw getting it out. He had to expose the jaw bone and clean the fiber glass off. a five thousand man forward fire base and he thought he could get way with what he was doing, every body had a gun. I was ready to shoot him. I had enough of his torture and damage. I have 18 teeth left in my mouth two of them still show the root canal drill holes. other than that there is nothing wrong with them. His work caused my two front teeth to break off half way up. Now I thing I should have shot him.