Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gold Medal Winning Woman Shooter in India Stops Kidnapping with Licensed Pistol (what model?)

Link to video of interview on Youtube

Ayisha Falaq is a competitive shooter in India.  On the 25th of May, she used her licensed .32 ACP handgun to rescue her brother in law from kidnappers in a village, Bhopra near to the Haryana border.  It was an impressive achievement. Ayisha is being lauded in the Indian and international media.

From ndtv.com:


Marshall said...


Looking at the end of the barrel, I think it is a 22 semi-auto instead of a 32 ACP. Also, I am not aware of any 32 ACP revolvers in common use. While it is possible to shoot 32 ACP in many 32 S&W Long revolvers, the accuracy usually stinks due to the long jump to the rifling. It seems likely that she was using either a 32 ACP semi-auto, or a 32 S&W Long revolver. Both of these pistols can be quite accurate. One other possibility is there are high end 32 S&W Long semi-auto pistols that are used for Olympic competition. Due to the high cost of these special Olympic grade 32 S&W Long semi-auto pistols, it would seem unlikely that would be what she used. However, she is involved in shooting competitions, so it is possible.


Anonymous said...

That design is what I do not like about most automatics, the barrel is too short for any great distance and no length to put a silencer on. I'm sure I can shoot almost as well as any one with any gun you put in my hand but I will not have a short barreled gun, you never get to pick the distance to your target. any gun should have a long enough barrel to hit what you can reasonably see without having to aim at the moon and hope it hits something. I had a .44 auto mag desert eagle. it was supposed to be sighted for flat on at 200 yards. but loaded it weighed several pounds. I found an advertisement for a company that makes longer barrels for most automatics and they come threaded, titanium coated.

Charliemike said...

It looks like a Walther p22/pk380 type gun. Slide design, safety placement, and mag release are the same. Maybe a model imported to/cloned in India chambered in the 32 since that's what they are allowed.

Charliemike said...

Slide design, safety placement, and mag release are the same as the Walther P22/PK380. Maybe one in 32 for the India market.