Saturday, May 13, 2017

Montana Goes Constitutional Carry...for Knives

Montana law treated knives with a blade of more than 4 inches the same as firearms in their concealed carry statute. 

It is legal to carry concealed weapons in most of Montana, without a permit, except inside city limits.  The law only applied to people in incorporated towns and cities.

This year, 2017, Governor Bullock is term limited, and cannot run again. He vetoed the proposed Constitutional Carry bill for the third time.

But Governor Bullock allowed HB 251 to become law.  HB 251 is simple. It removes all weapons from the concealed carry law except firearms.

The votes for the bill were 70-29 in the House and 38 to 11 in the Senate. That is more than enough to override a veto from the Governor.

In Montana, if the governor does not sign or veto a bill, within 10 days after it is delivered to him, it becomes law.

Constitutional Carry for knives became law on April 21, 2017.  It goes into effect on 1 October, 2017.

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Anonymous said...

Big cities and town are where you need self protection the most, all the bad guy are mostly in those places.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are worried about being impeached with a bullet that is why no body can carry in the cities and towns where the politicians might be found.