Wednesday, May 31, 2017

TX: Republican trades words with Democrat who vowed to "get him" Says he would shoot an Attacker

Two of at least four levels of Sanctuary City Proponents Disrupting Texas Legislature
A Texas legislature called Immigration and Customs Enforcement on disruptors at the Texas Legislature who claimed to be illegal immigrants. When he told other legislators of his action, a scuffle broke out on the floor.  This video shows the level of disruption that occurred before the scuffle. The "protest" was against a bill that had been signed into law days before.

Link to video

There are conflicting versions of events. Rinaldi, the Republican who Called ICE, said he was assaulted and threatened by Romero and other Hispanics, who had to be held back by other legislators.  He claimed that another legislator, Poncho Nevarez,  specifically threatened to "get him" on his way to his car.

Rinaldi then says he said that he would shoot him if he were attacked. A personal firearm levels the playing field between a mob and a single legislator.

The press conference by Romero said that Rinaldi threatened them, never mentioning the previous threats.

All this  came about because several  protesters claimed to be in Texas illegally and claimed that they would stay illegally. That is when Rinaldi called Immigration. 

This is what happens when you ignore the rule of law, which has been the case for the last eight years, if not more.
Nevarez says that he regretted that he acted as he did, but then added about Rinaldi "He was asking for it." In a special to, Mark Davis wrote a response.  From

No disagreement between lawmakers should ever escalate to scuffles among the desks. But Republicans are not going to back away from the enforcement of existing laws demanded by their voters. If Democrat voters wish for their representatives to dismantle those laws and turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, that is a debate every Republican will welcome.

What we will not do is tolerate lies about our motives. Romero knows full well that Rinaldi was not trying to get the whole gallery full of protesters deported. Nevarez and the rest of the Mexican-American legislative caucus know that none of this is about race; it is about behavior.

But it is harder to argue that following the law is somehow a bad idea. Better to simply smear opponents as haters and hope they are cowed into submission.
What is not being talked about is the disruption of the legislature and the intimidation by the "protesters".  It appears to be a pure power play by the pro-illegal crowd.  The bill had already passed and been signed into law days ago.

The video is the best that I have found to show the scale of this disruption of the Texas legislature.

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Anonymous said...

According to the law. every law must be enforced as written until that law is modified or repealed, Only the US supreme court can rule a law unconstitutional Lower judges have no jurisdiction. Illegal immigrants are illegal for a reason, they entered this country illegally and have no claim to protection under our constitution. the benefit of entering this country legally is to gain constitutional protections. Our taxes are meant to be collected for the needs of Americans not for illegals that demand we provide for them. Illegals should stay home and fix the problems they have ignored in their own country for decades. If they want a better life let them develop that better life in their own country. If they like what we have so much develop it in their country.

Anonymous said...

I hope ICE used all the handcuffs they had I'm thinking of sending a bag of snap ties to ICE. I have known illegals that have been in this country for 40 years. I came face to face with a car load of MS-13 types that were driving through town. they stopped and asked me what kind of people lived in this small place. I told them it is mostly hunters and that just about everyone is well armed. they quietly continued on their way out of town. we have two gun clubs here and one just across the river Just about everyone here shoots something in season. all we need is a tag for illegals and a year long season. a bounty on MS-13s would really help. 50 cents for every two hides would work.