Thursday, May 11, 2017

Michigan Bill Introduced to keep licensing, Eliminate Pistol Registration

A reform of Michigan handgun registration law has been introduced in the Michigan legislature. Michigan handgun registration was originally passed in 1927, 90 years ago.

Michigan law may have been used as an example for the National Firearms Act of 1934. After Michigan law required a license to obtain a pistol in 1927, another statute  was added to make it illegal to possess a short barreled rifle or shotgun in 1931.

The National Firearms Act bill originally required licensing and registration of all pistols, as well of all short barreled rifles and shotguns in 1934. Pistols were stripped from the bill by Congress, leaving the curious regulation of short barreled rifles and shotguns.  Such oddities and orphans in the law are far too common.

Michigan removed their state ban on short barreled rifles and shotguns, in deference to the Federal regulation, in 2014.  The bill proposes more reforms by making the pistol registration system from 1927 voluntary.

Under current law, a person cannot purchase, carry, possess, or transport a pistol in Michigan without first having obtained a license for it. The person then turns the license back in to authorities, officially registering the pistol.

Chatfield's house bill 4554 would make that last step optional, and eliminate the $250 fine for not registering. It would also allow people who have already registered to request the Michigan State Police remove their information from the registry.

"There is no need for state government to maintain an exhaustive list of law-abiding citizens who legally purchase pistols," Chatfield said in a press release.

He said Michigan was one of only six states to require registration right now, and it did little to fight crime.
Registration of guns has been shown to be a very poor method of reducing crime. It enhances the belief that the purpose of the registration system is to enable confiscation at a later date.  The Canadian pistol registration system was never important in solving a single homicide in 75 years of use.  The Michigan system has had the same result over the last 90 years.

 The bill to reform the law, HB 4554, keeps the requirement for licensing for obtaining pistols, but eliminates the requirement to register the pistol. Line outs and additions have been edited for clarity. From the bill:
The purchaser may return 1 copy of the license to the licensing authority. The purchaser may return the copy to the licensing authority in person by first-class mail or certified mail to the proper address of the licensing authority.
The change is an incremental step to only eliminate the registration system. A similar bill failed to pass  the legislature in 2016.

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Anonymous said...

How about removing the gun free zones from our CPLs instead, you boneheads? You passed it several years ago already, but that worthless excuse for a vibrating sex toy Snyder vetoed it. Give him another chance to get it right.

Anonymous said...

Michigan's laws are almost to ignorant for words. It is unconstitutional to tax or license a right. registration has never stopped any crime. No possible crime until you pull the trigger. we do not have to register knives. I have a silver service of flat table ware. the knives in it are well balanced. If I needed them they would be perfect throwing knives.

Anonymous said...

The supreme court over turned all j walking and vagrancy laws years ago. and some places are still enforcing them. You can not be required to have a job there fore you can not be required to have an amount of money on you. You have to step into the street to enter your car. If you are not required to have any money, you can not pay for a license there fore these license and registration laws are a means of denying you your constitutional rights. all laws must be fair and equal. you have money to pay for a license you can have a gun I do not have money for a license I cant have a gun that violates the 14th amendment. It is not fair and equal. You can by law live off the land in this country. You can cross from one ocean to the other with just the bare minimum of possessions. a Knife or a gun is for self defense or to feed your self on that journey.