Tuesday, May 16, 2017

NV: Man Borrows Gun to Shoot Pit Bull Attacking his Dog

A pit bull was shot and killed Saturday when a man walking his dogs, Tom Cope, jumped into action to protect his beloved pets.

"If I didn't intervene, my dog would die," Cope said.

He says he was taking his two dogs, Sergeant and Cotton, for their morning walk when the pit bull approached Sergeant, a German shepherd, in what looked like an attack mode.

"I didn't have time to react right away," Cope said. "He lunged, got my dog, got him on the neck and he didn't let go."

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly what has happened to my German Shepard twice. I did not shoot. but the pit bull looking dogs drew blood on my Dog Twice. the owners of the dogs got to there dogs before any more damage could be done. I drew on the dogs and the owners reported me to the local cop. I was in the street with my dog on a leash, their dogs were running free, a violation of the Arizona leash law. their side of the story is my dog was on their property. In order to prove my dog was not on their property I would have or should have shot their dogs where it happened. I did not want to shoot someone else's pet. Trying to do the right thing can cost you if the police get involved when two plausible stories exist a dead dog in the street is proof of one story. Next time it happened my story will check out. If they want to lie then proof is what they will get.