Sunday, May 14, 2017

GA: Knive Reform law Signed by Governor Deal

Governor Deal of Georgia signed a reform of the states's knife law to go along with the campus carry bill this year. The knife law reform was in HB 292. HB 292 had a number of gun law reforms included in it. Knife Rights supporter Senator Bill Heath was able to include the knife reform as part of the bill.

Before the law was signed, it was illegal to carry any knife with a blade that was more than five inches in length. With this reform, the limit has been increased to 12 inches.  12 inches includes most bowie type knives. From
(2) 'Knife' means a cutting instrument designed for the purpose of offense and defense consisting of a blade that is greater than five 12 inches in length which is fastened to a handle."
Why stop at 12 inches, and not simply eliminate the length restriction altogether? Because it was the increment that could get passed this year at this time. The restriction dated from the first restrictions on concealed weapons in Georgia, that were based on concerns about slavery and dueling.  A specific ban on the concealed carry of bowie knives was passed in 1837.

Knife Rights promoted, pushed and was the principle force behind the legislation. They have been rolling up an impressive string of victories. Year in, year out, they remove knife bans. They pass knife preemption laws that stop local governments from infringing on Second Amendment rights. They are making the right to bear knives the second front in the war to restore the Second Amendment.

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Anonymous said...

Historically I think that is shortly after Jim Bowie went to Texas. His reputation for knife fighting was well known from about 1834. what law covers swords in Georgia? they have civil war reenactments and I have personally been in a long sword and large knife shop in Georgia less than 10 years ago.