Thursday, January 18, 2018

AZ: Armed Business Owner Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect.

PHOENIX - The Phoenix Police Department says a business owner shot a robbery suspect and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.
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Unknown said...

I'm in favor of weapons, as long as they are used consciously. For me, there are good and bad people, it doesn't depend at all on guns, which are inanimate object without life or will of its own. Sometimes people judge because I work for Hinterland but it's because of the strong anti-gun campaign in the US, despite being totally legal. Instead of bad publicity, companies and the media should focus on sowing awareness of the responsibility that comes with the use of weapons as self-defense tools.

Anonymous said...

I'm a rather independent type. I could careless what someone else likes or dislikes. The county wrote me up for several property issues. They said they had complaints about my old truck and called it an eye sore. They said I should get rid of it or they would send out a tow truck and have it towed away and send me the bill. I said go ahead and have it towed but send some one you really don't like because if someone steals my truck I'm going to shoot them. I told them my truck was legally licensed and insured in the state and if they touched it we would have a real problem. We had a hearing The judge said he was going to fine me 50 dollars a day until I resolved all of the complaints. only a valid judge can impose a fine. I let them tell their tail and then I stood up and made my statement. as the air turned blue not mincing words. I called that judge everything but a white man and the hearing chamber was full of people, lots of witnesses. I told that judge I did a little bit of investigating before court. I told him to take his fine and shove it up his ass. according to Arizona law a judicial officer must have an affidavit of an oath of office on file with the secretary of state or he was committing the felony of impersonating a judge. I flipped him off and walked out of the hearing room. two weeks later five people in that office were walking down the road kicking a can looking for work. and I have not been written up since. I asked him if there was any one living around here that did not have a neck. If they don't like looking at my place they can turn their head. everybody has an opinion and are free to express that opinion. Opinions are not law.