Monday, January 22, 2018

Ill: Chicago Politician Victim of Armed Robbery

Aaron Goldstein, above, is an ambitious Chicago politician and Progressive lawyer. He was campaigning in his ward in Chicago when he and his crew were robbed at gunpoint by three young men. The robbery took place on Thursday afternoon, 11 January, 2018. From the
The robbery took place about 3:25 p.m. in the 4600 block of North Albany Avenue in Albany Park, when three men in their early 20s approached them, according to a law-enforcement source.

One of the men flashed a handgun and demanded the camera equipment and other personal belongings from the team, according to police.

The gunman and two other men robbed Goldstein and four others of camera equipment and their cellphones before they ran away, the law enforcement source said. As of Thursday evening, no one was in custody, police said.

Police described the three suspects as between 20 and 24 years old. They did not release a detailed description of the suspects.

The three young robbers were probably young black men. That would explain the lack of a description of the suspects. It is unlikely the victims were unable to determine the skin pigmentation of the robbers.

The cliche is that a Conservative is a Democrat who has been mugged. I do not think it applies to committed Progressives. They have so internalized their false assumptions about reality that is is nearly impossible to change those assumptions.  Consider this about Mr. Goldstein's policy on guns. One of his key assumptions is that the sole vested interest of the NRA is to sell more guns. From
He will undertake unique, progressive solutions to the spread of gun violence, including going after gun manufacturers and the NRA whose sole vested interest is to sell more guns.

He will aggressively wage a fight against Trump and his policies that hurt and disrupt Illinois and its residents. He will aggressively protect Illinois' environment and promote a sustainable economy. He will eliminate legal obstacles to all Illinoisans having access to affordable, quality health care, which he believes is a fundamental right and not a privilege.
While the NRA is not opposed to the sale of firearms, it is not the NRA's only vested interest. Maintaining their membership base is far more important.

His assumptions do not include the rule of law and a government limited in power by the Constitution. They cannot. They are directly opposed to it. You cannot have quality health care as a "right", and have limited government. As a Progressive, you can be sure his desire to "eliminate legal obstacles" does not include a reduction in government regulations and rules, but in adding to them.

I do not expect Aaron to learn much from his armed robbery experience. He will find ways to rationalize and deflect the experience to blame capitalism, white men, and the existing "system" for his difficulties. He will find ways to label the robbers as the real "victims".  A consistent refrain in modern Progressivisim is the elimination of any responsibility for personal actions and choices.

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Anonymous said...

Just looking at his photo you can tell he's a Loon...It's getting easier to spot them these days....

ScienceABC123 said...

Translation: Aaron Goldstein: "Here in my Ward it's safe to walk the streets... Uh oh... We've just been robbed at gun point! It's the gun manufacturer's and NRA's fault!"

Anonymous said...

To bad he did not try to stop the robbery they might need another candidate. someone that understand reality.

TFA303 said...

Unarmed Democrat robbed by armed Democrats.

I think I see the problem...