Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pizza Shop Owner: Armed Employees Welcome

A justified defensive shooting in a Texas Pizzaria resulted in the death of one of the armed robbers. The response by the restaurant owner shows the acceptance of defense of self and others is gaining legitimacy in the United States. Here is the relevant part of the official statement released by La Bella Pizza owners. From
We at La Bella Pizza on Olsen are deeply saddened by the incident that occurred last Tuesday, January 9th. Our hearts go out to All the families that are involved during this trying time. Our policy always has and always will be that our employees are welcome to legally and responsibly possess the means to defend themselves and others around them.
The robber,  36 year old Clayton Jerrell Morgan, was armed with an air pistol altered to look like a real gun.  Morgan was killed when he pointed the air pistol at an armed employee. Morgan's accomplice will be charged with murder under the felony murder rule. 
The shooting illustrates one of the reasons why only 20% of justified homicides are recorded in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Morgan's death will be listed as a murder because of the felony murder rule. It will increase the official count of murders in the United States, and reduce the official count of justified homicides.

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