Monday, January 29, 2018

Brady's in Urinal at the Shot Show 2018

There were Brady urinal screens in the urinals at the Gun Rights Policy Conference held at the Sheraton Crescent Center in Glendale, Arizona in September, 2015.  There were Brady urinal screens in Shot Show in Las Vegas in January, 2016.  There were Brady urinal screens in the Shot sow in Las Vegas in January of 2017. This year, in January, 2018, the Brady urinal screens were still in the bathrooms for the Shot Show.  The screens probably last for more than a year. It seems a bit ironic that the Brady brand is what the many thousands of Shot Show attendees are urinating on.  I am certain that it is not a conspiracy to place the name Brady to be urinated on by the attendees at the various venues mentioned.

The urinal screens were all Bradys.  They do not seem to be associated with the gun hating Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, but with the legitimate Brady company that produces urinal bathroom products!

I am certain that some waggish member of the hotel staff did not order and place Brady urinal screens in the bathrooms merely to provoke smiles on the faces of Shot Show participants.  It is just that the Brady urnial screens are available at a good price and work very well.

I am sure that the Russian government did not bribe the hotel staff to put in the Brady screens. I am sure the royals high up in the Saudi Aristocracy were not involved. 

No gun culture organization or individual distributed the Brady screens as a subtle way of expressing disdain for those who wish ever more infringements on the Second Amendment.

It is highly likely that it is merely coincidence, statistical noise, nothing that actually means anything.  Really.  I am absolutely certain.

Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility that a friend who sat next to a cousin of President Donald Trump, 10 years ago, owns stock in the Brady company that makes the screens. (Sarcasm Alert!)

It is just one of those cosmic coincidences that make many smile and nod.

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