Thursday, January 18, 2018

CO: Bill Introduced to Repeal Colorado Restrictions on Magazine Capacity

Republicans in the Colorado Senate have introduced a bill to repeal the limits placed on magazine capacity in 2013. Here is the summary of SB18-052:

The bill repeals statutory provisions:
  • Prohibiting the possession of certain ammunition magazines; and
  • Requiring each of certain ammunition magazines that are manufactured in Colorado on or after July 1, 2013, to include a permanent stamp or marking indicating that the magazine was manufactured or assembled after July 1, 2013.
The magazine limits were heavily contested by the Colorado Sheriffs who sued Governor Hickenlooper over the law. 

The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, because no one had been prosecuted under the law's provisions.

After the passage of the law, retailers and firearms owners quickly found ways to circumvent it, as opponents had predicted.

As of 2016, there were no prosecutions under the law, according to David Kopel, a firearms law expert. From the
But Kopel also said no one has yet been prosecuted under the laws.

“The laws are unenforceable, and they haven’t been enforced,” he said.
The Colorado ban on magazines with a capacity of over 15 rounds only applies if the magazines were manufactured after 2013. Firearms magazines do not generally have serial numbers or dates of manufacture stamped on them. There are hundreds of millions of magazines in the United States in private hands.

Large numbers of modern firearms come with standard capacity magazines of more than 15 rounds.

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ExpatNJ said...

I wish those in Colorado luck to repeal that mag 'ban'. And, I think not only luck but also RIGHT is on their side.

'Nazi Jerzey' enacted that same restriction ca 1990. "NJ led the way" - Governor Jim Florio. It should be remembered that Florio was the first NJ Governor to serve only one term in office, a fact attributed in major part to the AW/Mag ban he championed.

I don't envisage laws in the progressive *s**thole* of NJ being reformed anytime soon. That is why noted Firearms Lawyer Evan Nappen called New Jersey, "A gun-owner's Hell".

Anonymous said...

Didn't the united states supreme court over turn the California magazine ban? Supreme court rulings apply to all states. When the California magazine ban was over turned that over turned all magazine bans in the country. that is why it is the supreme court its rulings affect all US states, possessions and territories.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance in hell. It will pass the Senate. The democrat controlled house will send it to a "kill" committee (State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee) where it will die. It will never see the light of day on the house floor. Even in the unlikely event it passed there, Hickenlooper will veto it.

Anonymous said...

I wish folks in CO luck, and for the previous poster I was just beginning to rethink my opinion on Christie before he did the bump stock thing.
With a democrat governor and legislature and bills for redefining what's an AW semi auto and restricting mags to 5 rounds I wish NJ luck too.