Sunday, January 07, 2018

Followup: Edrige River's Shooting of Jeffery Scott and Marcus Cooper, ruled Justified

Edrige is 54, Scott was 18. Edridge had a .38, Scott a 9mm.

State Attorney’s Office memo: “After thorough review of this case, it is clear that the use of deadly force by Rivers was justified and lawful and no further action is warranted by this office.”

The State Attorney’s Office has determined that a man suspected of fatally shooting an armed teenager in front of his Ocala home is immune from prosecution under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Jeffery Scott, the 18-year-old Vanguard High School senior he killed, was pointing a gun at another teenager at the time, according to the Ocala Police Department. The shooter, Edrige Rivers, also hit — and paralyzed — Marcus Cooper, now 19, who was with Scott.

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