Thursday, January 11, 2018

Massachusetts Dog Attack Shows need for Home Carry


A father in Massachusetts was horrified when the family pet pit bull attacked his one year old daughter. He initially retrieved a pistol to shoot the dog, but the pistol was unloaded.  Firearms stored in the home are required to be locked up in Massachusetts. From
The Boston Herald reports that according to Falmouth police the child was playing in the kitchen Sunday morning when the family pit-bull terrier attacked her, biting her in the face causing major trauma.

The father tried to pull the dog off but couldn’t.

Police said the father got a pistol from a nearby room, but realized it wasn’t loaded.

He then grabbed a knife and started stabbing the dog, which was fatally injured.
The Massachusetts law is claimed to be constitutional, because you can carry the firearm on your person or under your control. If it is in one of those conditions, you are not violating the law. If a minor has access to the firearm , it is another violation of Massachusetts law.

Fortunately, the father was able to access a kitchen knife and kill the dog, stopping the attack. The one year old was taken to the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

no this clearly shows the idiocy of owning dangerous animals as "pets" and with kids too

get a clue you dweeb

Anonymous said...

Self defense firearms are not self defense if they are not loaded. No one makes an appointment to need their weapons ready to use. If someone wants my guns unloaded they can come ion and unload them as soon as they are able to get to them. By that time they will be empty.