Friday, September 27, 2019

AmmoLand News Sweeps Gun Rights Policy Conference Defender of Liberty Awards

Dean Weingarten 2019 Defender of Freedom Award

Dean Weingarten, recipient of the SAF & CCRKBA 2019 Defender of Liberty Award

Pheonix, AZ – -( The AmmoLand News team swept up the most award wins at this past weekend's Gun Rights Policy Conference with two Defenders of Liberty winners.

The Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) is an annual get together of the leaders from all parts of the 2A community and was held at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, AZ 85021. It is co-sponsored by SAF and CCRKBA. This year had a record turnout of attendees including hundreds of Second Amendment activists and experts from across the country.

AmmoLand News' own Dean Weingarten was the big winner of the 2019 Defender of Liberty award for his unrelenting coverage of local, state, federal and international news or events related to our right to keep and bear arms.

Dean Weingarten is also our resident expert on bear-defense with dozens of articles on the subject on AmmoLand News. Dean has been writing with AmmoLand since 2013 with a record 1360+ articles covering everything from politics to gun buybacks, to international defense with a gun, to hunting in Australia. His knowledge and dedication to defending our Second Amendment is unquestionable, and he is an excellent example of the best-of-the-best 2A writers that share the pages of AmmoLand News.

AmmoLand News Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Fredy Riehl, was also on the podium and is now a two-time award winner.
“While it is nice to be personally recognized and to hear that what we do every day at AmmoLand News is making a difference, this award really belongs to the entire team behind the scenes at AmmoLand. Especially, our co-founder, Brian Johnson, and our Editor, Duncan Johnson as well as all the dedicated and talented writers, reporters, volunteer contributors, and industry partners that give AmmoLand News our collective voice. Thank you to the entire team.”

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“All of us combined are unstoppable in our defense of the Second Amendment. As AmmoLand News is now one of the most-read news websites on the internet we will continue that fight as we grow even bigger and more influential”.
“Thank you to all the readers and email subscribers that support us daily. Without your reading and sharing of our stories, we would have been blocked and shadow-banned out of existence by the powerful & biased internet search or social media systems. Thank you for crowd-sharing our way past their freedom-censorship walls that continue to block our daily coverage of positive pro-gun news.” ~ said Editor-in-Chief, Fredy Riehl.
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Dean Weingarten said...
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Dean Weingarten said...

I have written and published over 3,000 articles at this time. Over 1,300 at AmmoLand, about 1,000 at The Truth About Guns, and about 650 at various other publications from The American Rifleman, Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Fiocci USA, Concealed Nation, and others.

I much appreciate the award at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, but I appreciated most what Fredy Riehl, publisher and owner of AmmoLand, told me the day before.

Fredy said I was the most read gun writer on the Internet.

I asked editor Dan Zimmerman of The Truth About Guns what he thought of that assessment.

He told me it was likely true.

I hope it is. It is a difficult thing to measure.

Anonymous said...

Dean: Update on Cop that shot the neighbor. I was watching a part of the trial on U-Tube they said the neighbor had a weak pulse so they started CPR. You don't do CPR if there is a pulse. I have worked over 500 ACLS/CPR codes. You stop the bleeding loss of blood is responsible for the weak pulse. CPR can stop the pulse. Pumping the blood out faster. Increase the fluids and the pulse gets stronger. Plug the leak and give him a glass of water and he might have made it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dean. I always enjoy your well-written articles, and really enjoy the Gun Watch blog showing defensive use of handguns. Thanks for all you do for the POTG community.