Monday, September 16, 2019

Clayton Craymer is looking for a copy of Acts Passed in Tennessee in 1801

Clayton Cramer is a well known historian who debunked the idea that guns were rare in colonial America.  He has been at the forefront of defending Second Amendment rights.

He is working on a presentation for a California law brief, and needs access to the laws passed in Tennessee in 1801. Many libraries have copies of the document in some sort of non-digital storage media; he is trying to obtain a copy and has asked for assistance.

He only needs copies of three pages, 259-261.

The copy of the law is needed to fight the California government's activism against gun ownership.

From Clayton's Blog:
If you have access to a library on this list:; could I cajole you into going there, and photocopying or scanning the title page and pp. 259-61?  And yes, this is about putting a torpedo through the California Attorney-General's powder magazine.  UC Berkeley and Stanford libraries have it either on microfilm or microprint.  I know that Berkeley has (or had) microprint printers (even rarer than the readers).

Or if your university has a subscription to Early American Imprints, that would be a lot easier to get those pages.

Link to list of libraries with this document

Dean Weingarten


Anonymous said...

Has he contacted the national archives in Washington DC?

Anonymous said...

I sent an email requesting that the pages be digitized and made available. Hopefully I am successful.

Anonymous said...

I received a response from the library. They state that they are unable to find pages 259-261, as apparently it only goes up to page 203. Do you have any further information that I can pass to them, to ensure that the document they found is the same as the one that Mr. Craymer is looking for?

Dean Weingarten said...

It appears Clayton has found the pages he needs.