Sunday, September 29, 2019

CA: Armed Samaritan Stops Domestic Kidnapping in Redding

While searching the area, officers got a tip that Hulsey and the woman had been spotted at the nearby Win-River Mini-Mart and gas station, Cogle said.

As officers headed to the gas station, calls started coming in reporting a man there pointing a gun at another man, police said. Cogle said it turned out a citizen with a concealed-carry permit pulled his gun on Hulsey because he could tell the woman was there against her will, so Hulsey ran away through some fields.

Redding Police Sgt. Brian Torum said citizens don't necessarily intervene with crimes that often, but in this case, it was clear that the woman needed help.

"If people are good people and they’re brave enough to do it and they see something is clearly amiss, you know, sometimes it happens. We don’t see it a whole lot because a lot of times, crimes don’t go to a level where people feel like they need to," Torum said.
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