Sunday, June 26, 2005

Florida: Sheriff identifies man shot dead as burglar: "Police are investigating the claims of a man who says he shot two burglars breaking into his apartment Sunday afternoon, killing one and sending another to a hospital for emergency surgery. Eddie Nelson, 58, was being questioned by detectives trying to piece together exactly what happened, said Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman Hugh Graf. Nelson told detectives he caught two men trying to break through a sliding glass door into the back of his apartment on the 2200 block of Northwest 55th Way. Nelson said he fired several rounds with a handgun, Graf said. The two men ran, and Troy Fyffe, 25, whose last known address was in Lauderhill collapsed after 50 to 75 yards and died, Graf said on Monday."

Sanity to be forced on D.C.? "As a US Senator from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison splits time between her home state, where she is allowed to own practically any weapon invented and can even carry a concealed handgun, and the District of Columbia, where she can�t even keep a .357 Magnum in her house. For 12 years she has managed to abide this without complaint, but apparently she�s had enough. In May, she filed a bill to overturn DC�s gun-control laws, and this week she indicated that she has more than 30 co-sponsors and intends to push it to the floor for a vote in the near future. The bill would, in one swoop, negate all the gun laws the district has adopted over the past 30 years, including pre-purchase criminal-background checks and bans on semi-automatic weapons and cop-killer bullets. If it passes the Senate, it is expected to breeze through the House, which passed a similar bill last September".

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