Thursday, June 02, 2005

Widow downs burglar: "Judith Kuntz, 64, hunkered down in her darkened bedroom late Sunday evening, arming herself with a revolver. A burglar had just broken into her Indialantic home and, fearing for her life, she said she let her instincts take over. When the burglar, who had a flashlight, entered the room, Kuntz fired one round from her .38-caliber handgun. Hit squarely in the chest, the unidentified intruder ran outside, where he collapsed and died. On Monday, Kuntz was still shaken, but she briefly recalled her ordeal. "I'm doing fine under the circumstances," she said. "I don't take any joy in somebody being dead. My self-preservation instinct took over." She would not discuss the incident further. "I don't feel real safe," said Kuntz, who has lived alone since her husband died nearly five years ago. "This has been a horrifying experience." The Brevard County Sheriff's Office said she was justified in defending herself and will not face charges. The revolver was hers, inherited through her family, investigators said. Agent Lou Heyn of the Sheriff's Office said the unidentified man entered Kuntz's home on Avenida del Mar by pulling the window off a back door. "Occupied burglaries are rare, and this underscores that it is dangerous for the burglar and the homeowner," Heyn said. "Crime can be a tough career." The intruder, who was not carrying identification, was described as a white male 35 to 45 years old, with dark-brown hair and a dark-brown mustache.... Investigators are hoping to identify him through his tattoos."

No good character requirements for antigun zealots?: "The ex-treasurer of a leading anti-gun campaign group appeared in court today accused of stealing nearly �17,000 from the pressure group. Maureen Lynch, 55, is accused of the theft of �16,963 from Mothers Against Guns between March 23 and September 19 last year. Lynch, of Park St, Southwark, south London, was bailed to reappear at Tower Bridge Magistrates Court on June 14. Mothers Against Guns was set up in the wake of the Dunblane Massacre in 1996 in which 16 children and their teacher were shot dead in their school by a crazed gunman"

Belgian farce: "The reputation of Belgium�s security forces was left in tatters when almost all of its field agents were disarmed after one agent drunkenly tried to shoot another colleague in the head. His drunken act was the equivalent of shooting himself and the entire force in the foot when the internal spy service decided to disarm all of its agents. With tapping telephones no longer available as an intelligence measure and having their guns confiscated, the Belgian force was left in as helpless a position as the Canadian Armed Forces were left by their federal Liberal government.... The justice minister was unable to confirm reports for media that the weapon-less agents had gone into a virtual work-to-rule mode, including avoidance of risky missions.... That the government took until late April to catch up with one of their own gun happy spies reinforces an image of the Belgian Keystone Cops. As far as Mrs. Onkelinx is concerned, she was more than a little miffed that she only got to learn about the incident, in which no one was hurt, from the media some four months after it took place in Brussels. No one was hurt by virtue of the spy gunslinger completely missing his target.... Intriguing how the Belgian intelligence is kept in tame bunny mode, given that Brussels is home to the crystal palace headquarters of the European Union".

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