Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ohio: AG shoots down Clyde gun ban: "Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro says Clyde's interpretation of state law on concealed weapons in parks is wrong. In a brief filed Friday in a court case, Petro argued that if Clyde is allowed to ban weapons in its parks, it could set a precedent that would render the state's concealed-carry laws useless. Petro's brief said Clyde was misinterpreting the law. 'Concealed carry is meangingless if citizens cannot carry on public sidewalks and streets,' it said. If Clyde's law is upheld, it said, 'then the City of Clyde would also have the ability to prohibit concealed carry anywhere within its borders.' That would defeat the whole purpose of the law, the brief said. Clyde passed an ordinance on the issue last year. It has argued that its land should be treated the same as businesses and private property, whose owners have the right to restrict weapons."

South Carolina: Merchant fires on robbery suspect: "John Vereen, owner of Vereen's Grocery on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, said he did what he had to do Friday. A man wearing a white bandanna and brandishing a gun barged in about 2:30 p.m. and robbed Vereen and his customers. 'He got my money off of me, off a few of my customers, and then he turned around and ran out the front door,' said Vereen, whose family has owned the business for 47 years. The store owner left a handful of family members and customers inside and chased after the robber, firing four shots as the man jumped a fence behind the building. ... Within hours, police arrested three suspects in connection with the robbery, and a fourth person with the group was arrested on drug charges." [Registration required, or use login "newsdigests/newsdigests"]

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