Saturday, June 18, 2005

Low type shot: "Deputies say a man was shot and killed in Montgomery County overnight after chasing a woman from the scene of a traffic accident. The shooting happened early today on Calvary Road near I-45 in northern Montgomery County. Authorities said the man and woman evidently were fighting in a moving car before it veered off the road and turned over. The woman got out of the wrecked vehicle and ran to a nearby home for help. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office deputies said the man evidently followed her but was not admitted to the house. When the man began trying to force his way into the home, deputies said the homeowner shot and killed him. It is unclear whether the homeowner will face charges".

South Africa: New shots about museum guns: "The SA National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg is being investigated for apparent irregularities in connection with illegal weapons, said Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula in parliament on Friday. ... Nqakula told the committee that unrelated investigations revealed that certain government departments and municipalities also had firearms. 'The previous government handed out weapons to many organisations in a very uncontrolled manner,' he said.He explained that, as part of the drive to remove weapons from society, he wanted co-operation from his fellow ministers and for them to hand the weapons to police."

South Africa: Big pro-gun demonstration: "A group of gun owners and gun-shop proprietors are demanding that police grant them firearm licences, according to a memorandum handed to the office of Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa on Tuesday. 'We have given them three weeks to respond to our demand. If they don't respond we will go and collect our guns from the gun-shop owners with or without licences,' said Abios Khoele, president of the Black Gun Owners' Association. ... The group, which came in four buses and taxis, met at Beyers Naude Gardens in central Johannesburg before walking to Shilowa's office. Some placards the crowd waved read: 'Guns don't kill people. Guns protect people,' 'New law sucks -- old law still the best' and 'Nqakula, son of H F Verwoerd, stop oppressing blacks.' A handful of police officers monitored the situation."

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