Friday, June 24, 2005

Michigan: Burglar shot and killed by hostage: "Grand Rapids Police have arrested two men in connection with a robbery in which a third intruder was shot and killed. Twenty-three-year-old Ian Johnson was shot and killed by a resident of the Charles Avenue home that had been tied up. The resident broke free around 3 a.m., got a gun away from one of the suspects and shot him. ... Police say the suspects broke into the house in the overnight hours, searching for drugs and money, when they then took two men hostage. They bound and gagged the men by using duct tape and some wire."

Tacoma, WA: Quick-draw McGraw wins: "A 22-year-old man who had been arguing with his girlfriend was shot and killed early Saturday after another man overheard the argument and tried to break it up, police said. It happened about 2:40 a.m. at an apartment in the 4300 block of South Union Avenue in Tacoma, said police spokesman Mark Fulghum. Richard Matthews, who recently moved into his girlfriend�s apartment, pulled a gun on the man who tried to intervene, Fulghum said. But the would-be peacekeeper, identified by police only as an approximately 30-year-old Tacoma man, also was carrying a gun. He fired �numerous� shots at Matthews before Matthews could get off a shot, Fulghum said. Matthews was pronounced dead at the scene, Fulghum said. No other injuries were reported. Police officers who happened to be nearby heard the gunfire and arrived soon after the shooting, Fulghum said. The shooter was cooperative with officers, Fulghum said. Detectives interviewed him and let him go. It will be up to prosecutors to decide whether to charge him with a crime. Based on what police saw, �This guy just had a quicker draw,� Fulghum said. �The prosecutor will make the decision, but it looks like he didn�t have much choice.�"

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Anonymous said...

Richard Matthews was a father of 2 very young children. He is also my big brother. Someone please tell me that shooting someone 4 or 5 times is NOT self defence!!! My brothers gun wasn't even loaded. yes Rich was wrong to even pull a gun out on that man BUT why was that man even gettin in anyone elses buisness!!! You just don't do that! Now because that man wanted to be captin save a HOE my brother is dead! His beautiful babies will never get to grow up with there dad who loved them more then anything... its just too bad that noone took enough time to investigate what really was going on. Maybe if someone in my family had the money we could have draged it on. but we didnt and we don't. Maybe oneday that man who took my Brothers life will pay. i pray to GOD he will!