Thursday, June 23, 2005

South Africa: Police can't keep pace with new gun laws: "The government's efforts to get a firm grip on the millions of firearms in circulation are set to misfire spectacularly, with only 163 licence renewals completed so far this year. If police are to keep pace with the stringent requirements of the new law and the programme to tighten gun ownership in South Africa they will have to process 600,000 licence renewals by the end of this year -- or more than 4,000 a day. According to the police, since the new firearms legislation took effect on July 1 last year, they have received only 488 applications for new licences. ... The South African Gunowners' Association (Saga) and the Black Gun Owners' Association (BGOA) insist, however, that about 20,000 appeals have been registered with police by unsuccessful applicants wanting to know why their bids had failed. 'The police are just not coping. The government underestimated the burden of the administration process,' said Martin Hood, the spokesperson for Saga."

Texas: Governor signs bill recognizing gun rights: "Gov. Rick Perry signed legislation aimed at clarifying existing firearm laws, enhancing protections for law-abiding gun owners and reducing barriers for gun ownership, on Friday. 'The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of every law-abiding citizen of our country,' Perry said. 'This legislation will clarify existing firearm laws, enhance protections for law-abiding gun owners and reduce barriers for gun ownership.'"

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