Monday, June 27, 2005

North Carolina: Teen killed after entering 15-year-old's home: "A prosecutor said Monday that a preliminary review indicates a 15-year-old Swannanoa boy acted in self-defense when he shot and killed another teen, but authorities need more information before deciding whether to file charges. Assistant District Attorney Kate Dreher said it's significant that there is evidence to show that David Eugene Ray forced his way into a home off Buckeye Access Road before he was shot in the chest Sunday ... 'If someone forces entry into your home and assaults you or another person, then there is more than a reasonable inference that you reasonably believed that you were in danger of serious bodily injury or death,' Dreher said. 'Preliminarily, my review does indicate that this is self-defense, but I have asked for some investigative follow up.'"

Thai teachers get guns to combat Muslim terrorists: "The Education Ministry plans to find cheap, second-hand guns for teachers in the southern border provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani to protect themselves because buying brand-new guns is too expensive and time-consuming. Twenty-one teachers have been killed since southern violence flared up in January 2004, including a female principal in Narathiwat yesterday. Deputy Education Minister Rung Kaewdaeng said yesterday he was discussing the idea with Khunying Kasama Vorawan, permanent secretary for education, to develop a market for used guns which were affordable especially for teachers and education staff in the South. Although the Interior Ministry allows teachers and education personnel in the three southern provinces to carry guns for self-defence, the majority could not afford one, he said. ``Guns are hardly available in the region. If the teachers plan to buy brand-new guns, they must wait for their import, the process of which is very time-consuming. ``Besides, each new imported gun is as expensive as 60,000-70,000 baht. Any teachers who need guns must borrow from their saving cooperatives to pay the costs. ``If the Education Ministry helps them by finding cheap, used and workable guns, it will be very good,'' Mr Rung said."

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