Tuesday, June 21, 2005


As reported by News 5 Cincinnati, a woman was violently attacked early Monday morning on the 10th floor of the Tower Place parking garage in downtown Cincinnati. With courage and a fair amount of luck she managed to fend off her knife-wielding attacker and run for help from another patron of the garage. He dialed 911. The 911 log tells a chilling story:

Woman: "He has a kitchen knife on him -- a big, long chef's knife."

Woman: "He tried to attack me with a knife and pull me into the stairwell. He kept telling me to go into the stairwell and I wouldn't go."

Police described the suspect as a black man, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing a black skull cap, a red jersey with "Griffey" printed on the back, green sweatpants, and green sneakers. The attacker escaped in the elevator. News 5 discovered there were no security cameras in the garage.

With only a little less courage or luck, she might have been raped, maimed for life, and left for dead in the Tower Place stairwell. A better choice would be for her to have been carrying. Tower Place isn't posted against concealed carry--something that should be encouraged and pointed to as the kind of management decision making that saves lives.

Far too many women suffer under the perception that they are too weak or that it is simply "too scary" to defend themselves with a firearm. This is a serious educational gap that needs to be remedied. Food for thought--you never know where you will be when an attack might occur. Do you regularly carry and are you prepared? Is your wife prepared?

In a related story reported by WCPO - 9 News the next day, the husband of the woman attacked at the garage Monday is calling for the changes at Tower Place to prevent future crimes. He asked for notification to all the monthly parkers that the attack occurred so they can take their own due diligence, installation of surveillance cameras in the stairwells and elevators, and increased security patrols.


House rejects .50-cal victim disarmament amendment: "The National Rifle Association and its allies in the House beat back an effort Thursday to restrict gun manufacturers' exports of high-powered, .50-caliber rifles that can bring down jet airliners from a mile away. By a 278-149 vote, the House killed an amendment by Rep. James Moran to block .50-caliber exports to civilians. He said the guns are dream weapons for terrorists."

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