Sunday, August 28, 2005

Alabama: Gun trumps knife and baseball bat : "A man armed with a fork found out the hard way it's not a good instrument for a robbery.The man approached a clerk at a convenience store after spending 40 minutes in their bathroom. `He stuck his hand under his shirt and said, `This is a robbery. I got a gun,'' Shreveport police Detective Russell Ross said. The clerk told the man she knew it wasn't a gun, sparking a brief argument before the man went around the counter, Ross said. `They scuffled. And during the scuffle, she felt something sharp poke her,' he said. `She reached over and grabbed a baseball bat she had behind the counter and started waling on him when she realized what he had under his shirt was a fork . which was no match for a baseball bat.' The clerk chased him out of the store and continued to hit him with the bat. `A customer saw what was going on, took a pistol from his vehicle, came over and fired his pistol into the ground,' Ross said. Then, both the fork and the bat were dropped, Ross said."

Stop endangering employees : "Gun-free zones may appear like the solution to violence, but consider an analogy: Suppose a criminal is stalking you or your family. Would you feel safer putting a sign in front of your home saying, `This Home Is a Gun-Free Zone?' The answer seems pretty clear. Since law-abiding citizens will obey the signs, such 'safe zones' simply mean that criminals have a lot less to worry about. Indeed, international data as well as data from across the United States indicate that criminals are much less likely to attack residents in their homes when they suspect that the residents own guns."

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