Saturday, August 20, 2005

Victim disarmament at airports on record pace: "The government is grabbing firearms from U.S. airline travelers at a record pace, according to information obtained by The record haul of guns comes at time when the Transportation Security Administration is considering a proposal to allow some previously banned items, including small knives and razor blades, back onto commercial flights."

Canada: Gun-grabbing mayor tries depot ploy: "Gun owners in Toronto may soon be prohibited from keeping their firearms at home even if they are properly licensed and registered, Mayor David Miller said yesterday. 'There's no reason to own a gun in Toronto -- collector or not. If you are a collector and you have a permit, the guns need to be stored in a way that they can't be stolen. And perhaps a centralized facility of some kind could accomplish that goal,' Mr. Miller told the National Post. 'The law requires gun owners to have proper storage, but obviously not everyone adheres to that.' Following a spate of shootings in Toronto, the Mayor has asked city lawyers and the police to determine whether the municipality has the 'legal ability' to require individuals to store their weapons at a secure facility such as a gun club."

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