Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Worker right or workplace danger?: "Jason Smith is in a tough spot. He works for a company he has been asked to boycott. In an effort to keep weapons out of the workplace, his employer, ConocoPhillips, is challenging state law and has forbidden workers to leave guns in their cars in company parking lots. Now, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is encouraging gun owners to stop buying ConocoPhillips gasoline. The boycott is the latest skirmish in an expanding battle over gun control. Now that many states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons, the NRA is pushing to eliminate remaining restrictions on where those guns can be taken. Gun-control groups -- and some employers -- are fighting back."

Alabama: Bill to justify deadly force: "Rep. Albert Hall and Sen. Jeff Enfinger are sponsoring a bill that would expand [sic] citizens' rights to use self defense in the state of Alabama. The bill has been pre-filed for the upcoming 2006 regular session of the legislature. Hall said that 60 co-sponsors have joined him in support of this bill. 'Your home is the family castle and refuge; this bill will give [sic] the citizens a right to protect and defend their home from intruders and themselves from possible subsequent litigation,' Hall stated."

Oklahoma: Pawn shop burglary under investigation: "Tulsa police are searching for a group of men suspected of breaking into the Green Country Pawn shop near 31st and Mingo early Thursday morning. Authorities say the business owner was notified by his alarm company and went to check on things. He says he shot at four hispanic men as they escaped through a hole in the roof.The suspects all got away."

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