Friday, August 12, 2005

Washington: Officials back shooting range: "The owners of the Kenmore Gun Range property shouldn't be pressured into building hundreds of homes or condos, despite occupying 80 tempting acres of mostly vacant urban land, county officials said. Instead, it should remain an oasis for shooters surrounded by hundreds of homes on culs-de-sac in the county's urban core between Bothell and Brier. 'We promised we would be an outdoor recreation area forever,' said Vic Alvarez, a board member of Wildlife Committee of Washington, which owns the gun club. 'We provide a very necessary service not only to law enforcement and the military but to the community.'"

Missouri: Salvage yard owner says he shot intruder: "Early Monday morning, a prowler was shot at A/3 Auto Tire and Wheel at 14th Street and Jackson Avenue -- and it wasn't police doing the firing. Paul, who asked that his last name not be used, said he couldn't sleep, so he came into work before dawn. 'I couldn't sleep because they keep stealing from me down there,' Paul said. 'If you're going to catch a thief, you have to act like one.' Instead of using the front gate, Paul climbed through a hole in his chain link fence. 'I went in like an old rat, just the same way those scumbags do,' Paul said. He soon found himself face to face with a man who was stealing from Paul's truck. He told KMBC he fired two warning shots into the air. '(The man) raised his hand up like he was going to hit me with one of the wrenches he stole out of my truck,' Paul said. The owner said that's when he fired two shots at the prowler -- once in the buttocks, the other in the arm."

Wisconsin: Area police stand for victim disarmament: "Some local law enforcement agencies are joining the Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort against a new concealed-carry act even before it's introduced. 'We are not anti-gun, anti-hunter or anti-NRA,' Green Bay Police Chief Craig Van Schyndle said at a press event held by WAVE at the Brown County Courthouse in Green Bay. 'This is an officer-safety issue and a community-safety issue. Green Bay, Appleton and Brown County are very safe communities, and concealed carry is a very dangerous proposition.'"

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