Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It's interesting that the psychiatric article you referenced on 8th placed "projection" first.

My local talk show host Bill Handel is a practicing attorney. He believes any liberalization of concealed-carry laws is a recipe for disaster. As evidence, he cites himself.

He claims that he gets so angry at other drivers, if he had a CCW permit and a loaded gun in his car, the next time some a**h**e did something stupid in front of his car, he'd be pulling out the gun and ventilating car, driver, passengers, and any by-standers anywhere in between.

One of these days, when he's on this theme, I'd love to call up and point out that I don't think he should be behind the wheel of another deadly weapon, and maybe the DMV should re-evaluate his suitability for a driver's license.

Florida: Two killed in separate robbery atempts: "Two suspects were killed in separate armed robberies Saturday night in Orange and Lake counties. Lorenzo Baker, 29, was shot in Orlo Vista and pronounced dead later at a hospital, officials said. The incident began just before midnight. David Mathis, 20, said he was heading to a club with friends when four men forced them back into his mother's Orlo Vista home, demanding the keys to her shimmering green show car. ... after the thieves ran out, they heard shots. The older brother of someone from the house was called and arrived in a red Ford Explorer to confront the suspects, Orange County sheriff's spokeswoman Barbara Miller said. The man, whose name was not released and who is not expected to face charges, exchanged fire with the suspects."

Top Gun -- NRA's new Jewish President: "Just as there are no atheists in the foxholes, there are no gun control advocates locked in their apartments with a large, menacing burglar attempting to batter his way in. That was Sandra Froman's experience nearly two decades ago. Her shouting, banging on the wall and even cranking the stereo to 11 didn't scare off the would-be intruder, but he eventually proved inept enough at his chosen profession that he abandoned his effort to enter her domicile. Still, the minutes of sheer terror left an impression on the San Mateo-born and raised Froman, and it would prove to be a life-altering moment. 'The next day, I went to the gun store. I didn't even know where the gun store was -- I had to look in the Yellow Pages. I was determined to protect myself,' said Froman, who became the National Rifle Association?s first Jewish (and second female) president earlier this year."

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