Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pennsylvania: 83-year-old fires at two suspected of break-in: "An 83-year-old resident of Rod and Gun Road fired several shots at two men he thought were burglarizing his Millcreek Twp. house, but the men escaped in a truck. Millcreek Twp. police are trying to find the men. According to police reports, a newer-model white Chevrolet truck with two ladders attached pulled up to Herman Smith's home Friday. One of the men got out of the truck and talked to Smith about doing work on his roof. ... Smith refused the work, but the man asked Smith to use his bathroom. Smith told him to use the field behind his property. Smith, who had been sitting on his porch, then went inside and saw that his screen window had been smashed. He grabbed his rifle and went back outside, seeing the truck with the two men leaving. He fired several shots with his .22-caliber rifle, police said."

Selling guns to the gun shy: "Experiencing sluggish sales largely because hunters represent an aging demographic, the $2 billion-a-year gun industry has launched bolder marketing pitches to attract novices into the world of weaponry. Gun makers see potential growth in the self-defense, security and target-shooting markets, and the young, edgy, camouflage-clad Gen Y crowd is squarely in the cross hairs. 'You don't have to be a hunter to go shoot,' says Scott Blackwell, division manager for manufacturing, product development and law enforcement at Beretta USA. ... Taking advantage of a prevailing pro-gun political climate in Washington, a fear of terrorism, and the steady liberalization of gun ownership spreading through statehouses across the country, Smith & Wesson and other makers and sellers of guns are touting a host of new products and features."

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