Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ohio: Pharmacist opens fire in attempted robbery: "Authorities said a man tried to hold up a Dayton pharmacy, but the pharmacist decided to fight back. The attempted robbery happened Monday afternoon at Ray's Pharmacy on Catalpa Drive. Police said a man in a mask entered the business and tried to hold it up. Officers said that is when the pharmacist opened fire. Authorities said the robber was not injured and ran away. Police continue to search for him."

Louisiana: Robber, clerk in shootout: "A would-be robber and a convenience store clerk got into a shootout early today in Shreveport. It happened at a Citgo on South Lakeshore Drive. Police said a man walked into the store and demanded money. Rather than give up any cash, the clerk pulled a handgun. Both men started shooting at each other. Neither was wounded."

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