Monday, August 15, 2005

Prohibition of nuisance suits on target: "A few years ago, the strategy of gun-control advocates was obvious: File frivolous liability lawsuits against gun-makers and distributors, knowing that, whatever the ultimate merits of the cases, the manufacturers would be hard-pressed to keep fighting. Many would go out of business, profits would decline for others, and the high costs imposed by endless litigation would drive up the costs of guns and make it more difficult for many people to afford to buy them.It was a cynical strategy, but one that is about to end."

Texas: Ex-husband shot breaking through door: "A 41-year-old man was shot to death early Sunday morning when he tried to break into the house where his ex-wife was staying with another man. Chief Deputy Miguel Larsen of the Titus County Sheriff's Office said officers found William Joe Baker lying on the front porch of Marty Crocker's residence on County Road 3435. According to a news release, Baker went to Crocker's home seeking his ex-wife, Anita Baker, 41. Crocker called the police, saying that William Baker was hitting the door and threatening to kill them. ... She and William Baker had been divorced almost a year, he said. While deputies were en route to the scene, Larsen said the emergency call was disconnected. Crocker called back moments later and told the dispatcher he had fired his semi-automatic rifle multiple times through the door, hitting Baker in the head."

Tennessee: Victim strikes back "He said they'd gotten him two weeks ago in his front yard, forcing him to the ground with a gun and stealing $400. But this time, 59-year-old Jacob Evans was ready. Tuesday, the same two robbers returned, telling him to withdraw $10,000 from his bank, or die, he said. Instead, Evans deposited six bullets in one of them. "I got prepared for them," Evans said, standing outside the Criminal Justice Center Tuesday night. "Today they acted a damn fool and came back." Shortly after 2 p.m., Memphis police arrived at First Tennessee, at 1200 S. Third, and found one of the robbers shot to death, lying face down in the back seat of Evans's Lincoln Towncar. About 20 minutes earlier, Evans was pulling up to his home in the 300 block of Edsel in South Memphis, when the two 20-something men came out from behind some hedges with guns, forced a friend of his out of the car and jumped in. Evans was in the driver's seat, one robber was in the front seat and another in the back.... The man kept turning around nervously to look at the security guard, Evans said. That's when Evans reached under his seat and pulled out a .357 Magnum. "When he turned around, I unloaded six rounds in him," Evans said. "He didn't have a chance." Evans bought the gun in the parking lot of a gas station the day after he was robbed two weeks ago. He'd cleaned it up, putting baby oil in the revolver, so it'd be ready if he needed it... After being questioned by police, Evans said they told him he was free to go".

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