Sunday, November 27, 2005

Arkansas: Woman shoots intruding ex-husband: "A Little Rock man continues to recover after Police say his ex-wife took a gun and shot him in self-defense. The incident happened Monday morning at 7105 Fourche Dam Pike in Little Rock. Police say 50 year old Judy Melton shot her 50 year old ex-husband Eddie Melton. According to Little Rock Police, Melton showed up at the residence, got very angry because his ex-wife wouldn't let him in, and then he proceeded to kick in the door, and she shot him. ... Judy Melton is not facing charges at this time, but the case will be reviewed by the prosecutor."

Spain: Belgian arrested for shooting burglars: "Following a shooting in a villa in V�lez-M�laga police arrested a Belgian and four Romanians. The Belgian (C. H.) is accused of shooting two burglars who had broken into his neighbours' house. After being detained, 47 year old C.H. gave his version of events. Apparently, he saw a small moving light on the second floor of his neighbours' house and as they had gone on holiday a few days before, he became suspicious. He approached the house yielding a gun and found the gate open and everything ransacked inside. When he was in the living room, he heard footsteps behind him and when he turned around, he supposedly started pullling the trigger. ... According to the inquiry, the two Romanians lived together and supposedly had broken into the house on Monday November 7th. The following day, police went to the villa in the carretera de Bentomiz, and found the door open. They checked that there was no-one inside and in the living room, discovered blood stains and bullet marks in the furniture. Police then found out that the owners of the villa had gone to Belgium a few days previously leaving the care of the house in the hands of a relative, also Belgian, who lived closeby."

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