Thursday, November 03, 2005

Woman appointed as shotgun coach: "In late September, Leslie York was among a handful of women at the Tennessee Clay Target Complex in Nashville to become an NRA/USAS/CMP Appointed Shotgun Coaches. She became the state's first female Appointed Shotgun Coach. York, from White Pigeon, is a staunch advocate of women in the shooting sports and the Michigan State Coordinator of the Second Amendment sisters, a national women's advocacy group. She is also a Hunter Safety Instructor for the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources as well as a Shotgun Instructor in Women in the Outdoors events and 4-H Shotgun Instructor. In what has been a male-dominated sport for generations, women are making steps forward in sport shooting and proving themselves to be competitive and proficient in all aspects of the sports. These women have now pushed ahead into the professional realm of competitive shotgun shooting - Coaching".

Dreamers cannot admit it when they get it wrong: "Consider for example the firearms laws in Washington DC. While there are doubtless some politicians there who maintain that no one be permitted the means to self defense purely to acquire and assert their own power, I'd be willing to bet that the majority who favor such stringent gun control actually think they're doing the right thing. Their reasons are unassailable: They want to protect citizens, particularly children. Their methodology, however, will only work in a fantasy land where criminals obey laws. Since there is no such place, gun control in Washington (as well as New York City and Chicago) has succeeded only in disarming the law abiding and creating a haven for armed bad guys. The firearms laws in Washington (and anywhere else) that are causing the problem could be repealed tomorrow. But for that to happen, those who consistently vote for even more draconian gun control are going to have to admit that what they're doing isn't working, and that it never will. Unfortunately, instead of taking a look at the facts, their good intentions often override all else with thoughts of still more laws instead - which only stimulates a freedom-stealing monster that feeds on itself when those laws don't work any better than the existing laws do.

Australia: Lucky this guy was good with a sword: "A householder has fought back against two armed intruders, killing one with a sword he seized from his attackers, police said. A second intruder fled with cuts to his hands and legs after the attempted armed burglary in Melbourne's south-east early today. Police said two intruders armed with weapons including a gun and a sword, tied up and assaulted the two occupants of a home in Noble Park about 12.30am (AEDT), and demanded money. But one of the occupants, a man in his 30s known as Johnny, broke free and fought back, grabbing one of his attackers' weapons, police said. "While the intruders were in the house the man was able to get hold of a sword it is believed one of the intruders brought with them," a spokesman said. "One intruder was killed by the man at the house and the other intruder injured. Police are still seeking the second intruder."

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