Monday, November 28, 2005

Indiana: Homeowner's brother shoots teenage intruder: "A teenager who apparently broke into a Glen Park home Monday afternoon was seriously wounded when the resident's brother fired at him with a shotgun, police said later. ... The homeowner's brother, Johnny Yarbrough, 34, told police he shot Walker after the teen broke into the house, pointed a gun at his sister and demanded money."

SAF sues to stop victim disarmament in San Francisco: "Despite opposition from police, media organizations and various organizations to an ill-advised ban on handguns and the sale of firearms and ammunition, Proposition H passed in San Francisco Tuesday, and today, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is joining in a lawsuit to challenge this measure in court. 'If you ban firearms, criminals will not obey the law and only law-abiding citizens will be victimized, first by the ordinance, which we believe violates state statute, and then by the outlaws,' said SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb."

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