Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Connecticut: Suspect shot during home invasion: "One homeowner in New Britain says he took no chances when an intruder entered his home, and pulled the trigger. Angel Bennitez says he did what he had to do to defend his family and his home. 'I got my pistol and saw the guy outside,' says Bennitez. Wednesday night his wife was mopping the floor when a masked man came in. Bennitez says he pushed his wife as he came in. After hearing his wife scream for help, Angel came out with a 357 Magnum, and shot the gunman."

Georgia: Gun ordinance cast aside: "Houston County commissioners essentially killed a proposed firearms ordinance Tuesday after it had been gravely wounded in October when several residents took verbal shots at its restrictions. Staggering and stumbling from one commission meeting to another for more than a month, the proposal was finally cast aside Tuesday and allowed to die on the table when none of the five commissioners would make a motion to vote on it. 'The gun issue is dead,' said Chairman Ned Sanders. 'That was my major objective tonight -- was to make a decision up or down. So there's no plans to bring it back again anytime in the near future.' ... The ordinance initially included a 300-foot limit when shooting a gun near an occupied building anywhere in unincorporated Houston County and made no mention of protection from the law if a resident wanted to shoot a backyard nuisance."

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