Sunday, November 13, 2005


Post lifted from Nation of Riflemen

Longtime Readers may remember my wrath when a British lawyer was arrested for having a pen-knife and baton inside his locked briefcase, inside his car's trunk.

Well, he's been found not guilty, and several British cops are outraged-"one law for some, another law for others" seems to be the general feeling. A sample of the feeling can be found in the Comments section in David Copperfield's blog, along with some trenchant comments from Your Humble Narrator. (One cop's comment nearly caused me to have an aneurism:"A clear message needs to be sent that the carrying of all weapons is wrong..."-bloody fool.)

If ever there's a need for a national health treatment, this is it. Not only are the politicians a bunch of hoplophobes, but both police and people seem to be strangely quiescent in the face of such nonsense.....

I should make it clear that PC Copperfield himself is NOT representative of the Plods in his Comments section, as he is not only a good shot, but is also a member of the NRA and is probably more proficient with a gun than any other cop in Britain.

California: Suit challenges San Francisco gun grab: "Gun owners and advocates wasted little time Wednesday in challenging San Francisco's newly enacted prohibition on handgun possession by filing a lawsuit in the same court that tossed out a local handgun ban 23 years ago and vowing to, if necessary, use shotguns to protect themselves. The lawsuit argues that Proposition H, approved Tuesday by 58 percent of the city's voters, oversteps local government authority and intrudes into an area entirely regulated by the state."

Colorado: Homeowner shoots prowler: "A registered sex offender who was trying to break into a home was shot early Monday by the homeowner. The wounded would-be intruder fled, leaving a trail of blood for police to follow. Aaron Joseph Vigil, 37, was found in the backyard of a nearby home. He was taken to Swedish Medical Center and treated for a gunshot wound to the arm and released into police custody. The homeowner probably will face no charges because of Colorado's 'Make My Day' law, which says homeowners have the right to protect themselves in their homes, using deadly force if necessary."

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