Saturday, November 05, 2005

South Carolina: Police investigating shooting death : "An Anderson man was shot and killed early Sunday morning, authorities said. Vernon Honeycutt died around 2 a.m., roughly two hours after being shot on Sayre Street, said police. Honeycutt died at Anderson Area Medical Center. Police said a woman shot Honeycutt to stop him from beating her daughter."

Keep the canary alive : "Congress finally did something right, and we should all applaud. The Senate and the House passed a law that shields gun manufacturers from politically-motivated lawsuits. ... Machiavelli once remarked that the Swiss were the 'most armed and most free' people in Europe. When the day comes that your government tells you it is forbidden for you to own and keep a firearm, you will no longer be living in a free country. A government that is afraid of its own citizens is undemocratic and authoritarian. The Second Amendment is the canary that monitors our freedom. When it dies, freedom dies. Even if you don't wish to own a firearm, you should join the National Rifle Association and defend the Second Amendment against those who want the government to have a monopoly on force."

'Land of the Free' or Land of the Goons?: "It was something we never believed we would see in the United States: Armed police and National Guardsmen taking firearms from law-abiding citizens -- at gunpoint. This happened in New Orleans, beginning about 11 days after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and other Gulf Coast areas. Not only did it happen, but the officers and soldiers weren't very gentle about it. For whatever reason, local officials decided that even lightly hit residential areas had to be evacuated, forcefully if necessary. Police entered the home of elderly Patricia Konie, who told them she did not want to leave her home and ordered them out of her house. She said she could protect her home and possessions with her gun, which police asked to see. Konie displayed a small pistol in her open palm and a big cop body-slammed her into a wall, took her gun and dragged her outside to be forcefully evacuated. This happened in America, 'Land of the Free.'"

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