Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Employers' new worry: Guns at work: "Employers are grappling with an emerging liability issue that combines workplace safety and employee rights: guns in the workplace. A bill recently introduced in Florida would allow employees to bring handguns to work, as long as the guns remain locked inside their vehicles. With 10 sponsors, the proposal is gaining momentum and should be decided in the next legislative session, which begins in March 2006. Utah introduced a bill last term that would challenge employers' rights to restrict guns on their property. It is expected to reappear in the upcoming term in January. These latest initiatives follow laws passed in 2004 in Oklahoma and Kentucky that go even further in prohibiting employers from outlawing guns in the workplace."

Legislation weakens gun rights: "Legislation providing relief from predatory lawsuits is long overdue. The same protection should be extended to all products, but firearms are the only ones singled out by lawsuits intended to bankrupt an entire industry. At least two companies have already gone under. ... Senate Bill 397 contained a provision that will require retail gun sellers to provide a gun lock of some kind with every handgun. The effect of this provision is to encourage handgun owners to lock up their safety -- something that criminals will never do. To prevent guns from being stolen, safes should be used. Otherwise, a gun intended for self-defense should not be encumbered by some device that only locks up one's safety."

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