Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nevada: Man shoots would-be robber : "A 38-year-old man with a permit to carry a concealed firearm shot one of two men accused of trying to rob him at a car wash late Monday, Reno police said. Luis Alfredo Aguirre, 18, of Reno was booked into the Washoe County Jail on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. His cousin, Jorge Aguilar, 21, of Reno, was treated Tuesday at Washoe Medical Center for a bullet wound in his liver .... Police said the the cousins are known gang members."

Knife does the job: "The day after three hurricane evacuees were charged with capital murder in the death of an elderly Pasadena woman, a New Orleans evacuee was killed in Houston on Sunday by the owner of a pickup he tried to steal, police said. Stacy Joseph Johnson, 38, was fatally stabbed about 12:30 a.m. in a struggle that erupted during the carjacking in the 8100 block of Rockhill, police said. Police said the owner, 18, apparently stabbed Johnson when he tried to steal the pickup at knifepoint. After the confrontation, the owner ran to a nearby apartment complex where he called for help, police said. The pickup's owner and a friend were wounded in the altercation and treated at area hospitals".

Nutty Australian bureaucracy: "Western Queensland gun owners will face a safety audit to ensure their weapons are being stored correctly. The six-month state-wide audit will see police make appointments with randomly selected licenced weapon holders to inspect their storage facilities. Weapons licencing branch Inspector Mike Crowley says the move is all about positive re-inforcement. 'The legislation is very clear on how firearms are to be stored, and this is purely put in place to act as a safety guideline, for not only the individual but the community at large,' he said. 'It's very important that people who have firearms secure them so they do not fall into the hands of inappropriate people or those people not authorised to possess them.'"

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