Saturday, December 17, 2005

Florida: "Do not come in! I have a gun! Leave!" : "In Needham's case, it came on a business trip to Florida, where she had checked into a hotel room, chained the door and set her pistol on the bedside. 'I was relaxing for a moment when somebody suddenly opened the door,' Needham said. 'They were coming into the room. The chain stopped them. I grabbed my pistol and racked a round so they could hear the action and know I had a gun.' Needham remembers shouting: 'Stop! Do not come in! Who are you?' The guy yelled back, deep and menacing, 'I'm coming in,' Needham recalled. 'Do not come in!' she shouted back. 'I have a gun! Leave!' The intruder wedged his arm past the door and wrestled to try to unhook the safety chain. The arm was 'huge and hairy and it scared me,' Needham said. Her training kicked in. She positioned herself around a corner, pointing her .45 Colt semi-automatic pistol at point-blank range and again shouted a warning: 'Do not come in. I have a gun. If you come in, I will shoot you.' For the intruder, logic apparently set in -- and the man ran off down the hall. Needham said hotel security did not find him."

Canada: What's wrong with this picture? : "If you eliminate all the hype and emotion from both sides of this issue, what this handgun ban really comes down to is paying $150 million, over five years, to collectors and/or target shooters to buy back their registered and licensed pistols. That's all, nothing more, nothing less. So, the Liberal solution to the violent crime in the black community, crime surely driven by economic and social hardships experienced within that community, is to pay out 150 million tax dollars to mostly white, middle and upper-middle class pistol target shooters and collectors. What's wrong with this picture?"

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