Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nebraska: One robber dead, one injured: "With a gun pointed at his business partner's head, an owner of Benson Jewelry and Loan shot at two men attempting to rob the pawnshop Tuesday afternoon, the wife of one of the shop's owners said. The shooting left one of the men who entered the shop dead and another in extremely critical condition. The owners of the shop, Norm Sargent and Ken Blankenship, are fine, said Sargent's wife, Beth, when reached at home. Beth Sargent said her husband told her two men were robbing the store and one pointed a gun to her husband's head. She said her husband told her that Blankenship shot at the robbers."

New York: Guard kills would-be robber: "A guard shot it out with two would-be robbers today in front of a check cashing store, killing one and possibly injuring the second. ... Two female employees were entering the store as the security guard, 62 years old, watched from a pickup truck. One robber tried to push into the place behind one of the women. The guard stepped out of the truck, pulled a gun and exchanged fire with the would-be robbers. One fell dead; the other ran off. The guard and female employees were not injured."

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