Sunday, December 18, 2005

South Carolina: Man killed in road rage incident: "Shehan was driving a Chevrolet Suburban. He stated a Suzuki Sidekick had run into the back of the trailer towed by Shehan's Suburban just beyond the I-20 overpass. Shehan reported he stopped in the curb lane to assess the damage and the Suzuki pulled up parallel to his driver window. Shehan acknowledged they both exchanged verbal comments. He said the other subject accelerated away from the scene of the accident. According to Shehan's statement, he then began to follow the Suzuki while trying to call 911 on his cell phone to report the incident. The Suzuki reportedly stopped abruptly in front of Shehan's Suburban near the intersection of Knobcone and Martintown. The driver of the Suzuki allegedly exited the vehicle, quickly approached Shehan's door and immediately initiated a physical confrontation with Shehan. During the struggle, Shehan was able to reach his .45 caliber pistol from the glove box and fire a single shot, fatally wounding the subject."

Boston: Students want weapon screenings : "Student leaders are pushing Boston public schools to force high schools to better screen students for weapons, given last week's gunfire in a high school and the recent spike in youth violence in the city. The school district requires 15 of the city's 38 high schools to screen every student daily with walk-through metal detectors, but according to its own police chief only half of the schools with detectors check every teenager daily. And several use the detectors only on randomly picked days. Members of the Boston Student Advisory Council, a group of 50 students representing high schools across the city, say they will submit a proposal to the Boston School Committee by March and focus their recommendations on setting stricter search policies in schools with metal detectors. They want high schools to use the detectors consistently and follow the district's rule of checking every student."

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