Saturday, December 03, 2005

How absurd can you get?: "A steamroller in Medell�n, Colombia�s second biggest city, prepares to destroy hundreds of toy guns handed in by children as part of a local government programme to eradicate the weapons culture. Medell�n is often regarded as the drugs capital of the world, ruled by cocaine barons and their private armies. The Colombian Government is also running a national programme to haul in the real weapons of paramilitary groups financed by drug gangs."

Ohio: Clerk shoots back: "It all started around 1 p.m., that's when Chaudhary Najeeb says one of the men came inside and told him to get down on the ground and give him money from the drawer. He also asked for video surveillance tape. Once he thought it was safe, Najeeb got up and ran to the front doors, that's when he found himself between the robber and the exit. He says the robber fired first, and then he fired back. Nobody was hurt in the gunfire."

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