Monday, December 05, 2005

Florida: No charges after man kills neighbor: "A South Patrick Shores man was legally defending himself when he shot and killed a man pounding on his front door in September, a state attorney has ruled. Volusia County State Attorney John Tanner has decided to drop a charge of manslaughter with a firearm against Gary Otto, 48. Otto faces no criminal charges in the nighttime shooting death of his Waterway Estates neighbor, Dan Twadell, 40, said Linda Pruitt, spokeswoman for Tanner's office. Otto was charged with manslaughter after shooting Twadell in the head at close range with a .357-caliber revolver. Otto and his 85-year-old father were sleeping when Twadell and three other men beat on the door and threatened to kill him, police reports show. ... In his ruling, Tanner wrote Florida's 'Castle Doctrine' law permitted Otto to use deadly force during 'what appeared to be a home invasion type of violent attack.'"

The hideous consequences of good intentions : "Is it not with the grandest of intentions that the advocates for greater gun control push so hard to restriction access to implements of self-defense? Is it not for our own safety that they plead a case that ignores the Second Amendment? Is it not for the children's safety that we must disarm ourselves? How could anything as well-meaning as legislation to enhance security possibly have bad consequences? How could any sane person argue with such good intentions? It would be insanity to let these dangerous circumstances go unnoticed, unaddressed, and unchallenged; for the consequences are quite severe. Sometimes far worse than an alternative we seek to avoid."

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