Saturday, December 24, 2005

UK: Support grows for British farmer : "Support was mounting yesterday for a Norfolk farmer who fired a shotgun at burglars on his land. Michael Human was questioned by police over the incident on Friday but released without charge. The 58-year-old had let off a single cartridge at two hooded intruders who had been breaking into one of his outbuildings. North-West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham said Mr Human was 'quite entitled' to use the gun and backed calls to give greater power to homeowners. 'It is a fact of life that many burglars do come out armed and high on drugs and could be very, very dangerous indeed,' he said. 'If he hadn't taken a gun and had been killed, every-one would have said he was mad not to have it with him. I think Mr Human was quite entitled to do what he did and I am pleased he hasn't been charged by the police and hope he won't be.'"

Mississippi: Teen shot in home invasion: "A Jackson teen has been hospitalized after being shot during an apparent break-in attempt at a neighbor's house. The teen was with three other juveniles at the time, and was shot by the homeowner. ... During any other week, they'd probably be inside a classroom, but because there's no school, and they got into some trouble, two teens stand handcuffed, outside a crime scene. Precint [sic] Three Commander Ron Sampson says, 'About 10:45 we received a call of a house burglary in progress. The homeowner happened to be at home, two subjects made entry into the home, the homeowner fired a shot and hit the suspect in the right leg.'"

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