Sunday, December 11, 2005

Virginia: Police say family feud leads to arrest: "A man shot his son in the wrist Saturday after the son attacked him with a knife during a fight, police said. 'We have an old saying, 'You don't bring a knife to a gunfight,'' Washington County Sheriff Fred Newman said. John Jefferson Tuggle, 22, faces an attempted first-degree murder charge after police said he threatened to kill his father, 44-year-old Jefferson Lem Tuggle, and attacked him at the home they share .... Police don't plan to file any charges against the father, who apparently acted in self-defense, the sheriff said.."

California again: Amazing official arrogance "To the dismay of gun owners, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is now charging $54 to return firearms seized during arrests or searches - even if the gun was legally owned and not used in a crime. The Los Angeles County Supervisors recently approved the fee, which they say would help recover $27,000 the county spends each year storing guns. People recovering stolen firearms, however, would not have to pay, according to county officials. Sam Paredes, executive director of the Gun Owners of California, said Los Angeles County was "taking full advantage of state law in order to screw the public." Paredes was referring to Assembly Bill 2431, passed in September 2004, which requires police to catalog guns and store them for at least one year before the agency is allowed to destroy them. It also allows agencies to charge a storage fee. Paredes said no other city or county in California was charging the storage fee. In a report to county supervisors, Sheriff's officials say it costs them about $54 to conduct background checks and to store and process guns. "It's the same thing as impounding a vehicle," said Lt. Dan Cruz. About 500 guns would be returned each year, according to the report.

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